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Carrara, Italy. It’s actually a place.

On a recent trip to Italy, we took a detour and visited the town of Carrara, where the famous Carrara Marble has been chiseled from the mountains, for centuries.   I found it fascinating to see this gorgeous stone in it’s original form, out of the earth, and follow it to the point of being […]

Bathroom Design Trends for 2014

As recently as a few years ago, traditional styling in the bathroom represented three quarters of new bathroom renovations.  However, this year we are seeing quite a large shift towards contemporary, more spa like designs that are easy to maintain.  Research done by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) shows that traditional  designs are […]

Gain Storage and Functionality without Compromising a Great Kitchen Design

There are a lot of ways to gain extra storage space and functionality in your kitchen without losing  any of the beauty of the design.   Consider these ideas, when you are in the planning stage, so you can have your kitchen designer include them into the plan.

The Advantage of Quartz Countertops vs. Natural Stone?

Many people are confused about the durability of all the different types of counter tops, in the market today. As a rule of thumb, marble, though exquisite in its natural beauty, is your least durable; then granite; then, the very popular, quartz products.