Gain Storage and Functionality without Compromising a Great Kitchen Design

There are a lot of ways to gain extra storage space and functionality in your kitchen without losing  any of the beauty of the design.   Consider these ideas, when you are in the planning stage, so you can have your kitchen designer include them into the plan.

 Corner cabinets– Once useless, these attractive chrome, pullout shelves add tons of extra,reachable space.    (shown is Hafele Le Mans Corner or Magic Corner II)

servo drive Electronic, touch-to-open drawers – provide automatic access when hands are full, and large handles and pulls on cabinet doors and drawers are easier to grab and hold than knobs. Check out Blum servo drive for a truly hands-free experience.

Deep, cabinets that are difficult to organize – put some pullout shelves in there and you will be amazed how many more items you can fit, and how much more organized it will be!

Tiny space in between cabinets – consider a pullout spice rack. You only need 6 inches for a ton of storage for little bottles.

A pantry with pullout shelves – provides an incredible amount of storage. Don’t settle for just a tall closet.  Arm yourself with a super pantry that your friends will envy!

pantry           pantry3

 Plates in a bottom drawer – why put dishes in upper cabinets that are difficult to reach.  Put a deep drawer next to your dishwasher for ease and convenience. Use these organizers for extra help keeping things neat.   Not to mention, that young children will be able to help put dishes away!

Handle Free Faucets – no more getting bacteria on your faucet while trying to wash your hands.  Simply touch the faucet and water comes on.

hafele corner   spice pull out    dishes   roll out drawers    touchless faucet    pantry1

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