New Trends in Appliance Finishes

Although stainless steel appliances are still the favorite in kitchen design, trends are starting to go to a more furniture -like look.  As kitchens continue to be the focal point of the home, people are wanting a softer look, that integrates better with the rest of the look and feel of the home.   Rounded edges and handles and a less metallic sheen is what you can find in Whirlpool’s new White Ice Collection.  This finish is described as “white, with soft cues of metal”.  It is an attempt to offer an alternative to stainless that is a bit more modern and fresh.  Another alternative  is GE’s Gray Slate finish.  A soft gray that is far less fingerprint susceptible than it’s more industrial looking predecessor, and definitely worth looking into, if you are looking to update your appliances.

ice white appliancesAs kitchen cabinets move to a new era of sleek contemporary and modern designs,  these new finishes blend  perfectly with a variety of cabinetry options, from chic bamboo to the ultra modern Italian styles.

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