The Advantage of Quartz Countertops vs. Natural Stone?

Many people are confused about the durability of all the different types of counter tops, in the market today.

As a rule of thumb, marble, though exquisite in its natural beauty, is your least durable; then granite; then, the very popular, quartz products.


Until now, the lure of the natural stone look has often outweighed the convenience and durability of the quartz materials.  However, manufacturers have now come out with variations of color and designs that make them almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Quartz countertops, made by Ceasarstone, Cambria and Silestone, to name just a few, are made from the hardest minerals on earth.  Their primary ingredient is approximately 94% ground quartz, mixed with polyester resins to bind it, give it color and make it stain and scratch resistant, as well non-porous.   There is also a dizzying array of colors, designs and finishes available, making this a “go to” material for designers.

Here are some examples of the eye catching colors, as well as the natural stone look that is available in the awesome and versatile material.